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We created real supplements based on real science

For more than 3000 years, Black Seed has been used by communities all over the world to bolster their immune systems, yet the vast majority of Australians have never heard of this invaluable supplement.

In 2010, we researched the Black Seed and found numerous medical studies that actively supported the benefits of the Black Seed for our immune systems. This scientific evidence was the impetus for us to create Hab Shifa, which became the first Australian company to introduce a range of Black Seed products to the global marketplace.

Our next step was to try and find the best honey, because much of the literature suggested that combining Black Seeds with a good quality honey, maximized the benefits of the Black Seed and the honey. This set us off on our next mission to find the best honey!

Our search ended on the New South Wales Central Coast where we partnered with local bee keepers to create a new range of Hab Shifa Natures Secret Manuka Honey. Since our early beginnings in 2010, we have added Black Seed Condiments and Black Seed Skin & Hair products to our growing range.